FIFA 15: Team of the Season delayed!


EA have popped up an update about the annual FIFA 15 Ultimate Team ‘Team of the Season’ event which is sure to go down a storm with eager players.
“Although we’ve seen significant improvement in limiting fraudulent coin exploits over the past few weeks, our work isn’t done here,” the statement reads. EA is delaying the launch of Team of the Season (TOTS) until they can make some more important changes to ensure TOTS is the best it can be for players.
EA claim another “important fix” to combat coin farming will be implemented in the “coming weeks,” so TOTS won’t be starting until that’s all in place. However, since TOTS didn’t start until late May last year, it may not exactly be delayed by a huge amount of time. The announcement insists that these planned changes will go towards tackling coin sellers (can’t have people undercutting EA’s own pack selling!) and making sure the game mode is a “level playing field” for everyone.
From next week, FUT will see the introduction of some events that will build up to Team of the Season. Namely, “to honour Player of the Year, club promotion, and relegation battle heroics amongst your favourite leagues.”

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