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WoW Token
The World of Warcraft Token is a new game feature that allows players to buy game time with real money then sell that game time to other players for WoW gold. While the WoW Token has been available for purchase since April, it seems there are still many questions when it comes to this new system.
Below you will find tons of useful information that we have collected to answer almost every question you have about the WoW Token so you can feel confident when buying or selling:
WoW Token. The Auction House does not require a deposit to put a WoW Token up for sale, nor does it get a cut of the WoW gold when a WoW Token is sold.
. After you have bought a WoW Token from the Auction House, it cannot be resold.
. WoW Tokens are up for sale on a special region-wide Auction House. This varies from other items that are only for sale on your server.
. There is no negotiating price when it comes to the WoW Token. When placing it for sale the price will atomically be determined by Blizzard's internal algorithm based off of current supply and demand.
. There is a cap on the amount of WOW Tokens you can purchase in advance. Currently, players may only buy and use 10 WoW Tokens in a month.
. The WoW Token is currently the only way to sell WoW gold without going against the terms of service.
. If you have a WoW Token for sale in the Auction House, you cannot buy another from the Store until it is sold. This is account wide.
. Each WoW Token provides your account with a full 30 days of subscription time.
. Inactive account still can use the WoW Token new system. Lapsed accounts with enough gold may purchase WOW Tokens and reactivate the account via the “Reactive via Gold” option on the character select screen. WoW Gold for the purchase will be pulled from all characters across that account.
. Tokens do not expire and cannot ever be deleted.
Buying the WoW Token
Buying WoW Token
. Visit any Auction House in the game and choose the “Game Time” option on the left handed side of the “Browse” tab
. This will bring up a window that will show you the current price of the WoW Token, the current price, and a Buyout button.
. If the price is reasonable to you, click on the “Buyout” button to purchase the WoW Token. If you don't like the price, keep checking back until the price better suits your needs.
. If you decide to purchase the Token, it will appear in your mailbox like any other Auction.
. Remove the WoW Token from your mail and click on it in your bags. This will bring up several confirmation windows to add the game time to your account. This window will also display you current and new account expiration dates.
Selling the WoW Token
First you have to obtain the WoW Token from the In-Game Shop. After having the WoW Token in your possession, you will be able to list it on the Auction House for other players to buy.
. Open the In-Game Shop.
. Click on the “WoW Token” on the left hand side of the screen.
. You will be given the option to “Buy Now”. You will also be given a preview of what the WoW Token is selling for on the Auction House.
. A shop confirmation window will appear showing your item, the cost, and your chosen method of payment. Confirm the purchase by clicking “Buy Now” or cancel the purchase.
. After the purchase the WoW Token will be delivered directly to your inventory and a confirmation e-mail will be sent out to the e-mail linked to your account. Please note that you cannot learn this Token yourself. It must be placed on the Auction House for sale.
Selling WoW Token
After you have a WoW Token, selling your WoW Token is slightly different than other auctions as it will already have a set price.
. Visit any Auction House and open the “Auctions” tab.
. Right click on your WoW Token and it will appear under “Auction Item”.
. At this point you will be able to view the current price WoW Tokens are going for. You do not set the price. If you are happy with the price, click the “Create Auction” button. If not, close the Auction and wait until the price better suits you.
. If you choose to create the Auction, a confirmation window will appear stating the sell price, that the Auction cannot be refunded or canceled.
NOTE: Once your WoW Token has been purchased, you will be sent the amount of gold that was stated to you in the confirmation window. This amount will stay the same even if the price of the WoW Token has since gone up or down.
Hope this information will give you some help when you are using this WoW Token new system.

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